No.004 Poser Tutorial - Make File

1, make poser default file. open this file and start poser.
2, top menu [Figure] Use Inverse Kinematics, turn off "LeftLeg" and "RightLeg".
3, change total frame. Animation Palette, Rate : [10], Frame : [xxx] of [100]
4, make T-pose. animation palette, select frame-2 and choose joint Hip.
5, look Parameter Dials, and change value to Zero. xyzRotate, xyzTran
6, Hip to Right Foot all joints/rotate change value to Zero. click value type 0
7, select Hip to Right Foot on frame-2, click Hip and Shift+click Right Foot.
8, selected joints and push button (Spline Section). create perfect key frame.
9, save file, top menu [File] Save As... open it and start work.

lower body is blue.. can change joint color by Editing Tools (Color). Editing Tools window, select color tool and click figure part.

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