No.005 Poser Tutorial - Window Interface

Animation Palette and how to make key frame. making pose to each frame and when play frame, you see animation. make pose to frame which there is change, computed pose created between frames. key frame means this.

Animation Palette, has item and frames. figure(joint), camera, light, other.. when select item in frame, show value on Parameter Dials. turn dial and make pose/key frame. when you selected Hip and edited only X, key frame is not created to other value. push button (Spline Section) to make all key.

key frame possible copy & paste (Ctrl+C),(Ctrl+V), open other file and can paste copy data. when turn on IK(Inverse Kinematics) that key frame has position data, perform copy & paste on same IK structure. move key frame, select range and drag it and move to right or left frame. remove key frame, select range and push delete key.

Preview Window, drag figure on preview window and can make key frame. Editing Tools, turn on Translate or Rotate and drag figure. if you don't have sense for editing joint, you can use limit function. top menu [Figure] Use Limits.

Camera Controls, can control camera work. change cameras, drag picture(figure) and move mouse right or left. this tutorial does not explain camera work, always choose picture to sit down. key frame is not created even if you edit this camera. if edited position or rotation with another camera, key frame is created on animation palette. delete it and back to default camera type.

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