No.007 Poser Tutorial - Upload BVH

Need upload test, because avatar size is different comparison with poser figure.

1, there is beta grid, you have 5,000L$ for test. need old account created before 2009. beta grid is not updated after 2009.. start viewer secondlife and show item to change grid (Ctrl+Shift+G). change grid Agni(main) to Aditi(beta) and login.

2, Emerald Viewer, can test animation free. animation applied to your avatar with preview window. 10L$ is need to open upload window, don't push upload.

3, upload window explanation
- Name & Description, can change this after upload.
- Priority, when start animation at same time.
- Loop, loop animation LoopIn(%) to LoopOut(%).
- Hand Pose & Expression, can choose one.
- Preview while, dose not have meaning.
- Ease In/Out (sec), blend time when changing animation.

4, upload setting for posing animation. default Hand Pose/Expression/Preview while, Priority : 4, checked Loop, LoopIn : 0%, LoopOut : 100%, EaseIn : 1.0sec, EaseOut : 1.0sec

How to use LoopIn/LoopOut. well, make running animation in 100 frames. and make run accelerates frame-2 to 20, running frame-20 to 80, running sudden stop frame-80 to 100. LoopIn 20%, LoopOut 80%, when start this animation.. avatar begins to run slowly frame-2 to 20, and running to frame-80, go to frame-20 repeated and you see avatar running. when stop animation, look to frame-80 and you see animation frame-80 to 100 and animation stops.

EaseIn/Out (sec), this is composition time for animation. when start(In) new animation, replace smoothly so that time is long. EaseOut means stop animation.

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