No.011 Poser Tutorial - Bad Optimization

Second life, optimize BVH file to precomputed data with asset server.

1, precomputed data size less than 60Kbyte.
2, optimization is joint unit, and original file is lost.
3, convert BVH frame to time. create key frame from BVH.

if total frame 360 and 12fps, animation is 30 seconds. if total frame 300 and 10fps, animation is 30 seconds. get smooth if increase total frames, but second life animation optimize it. same animation and eaven if different fps, converted same data on secondlife.

- when increase total frames, movement every frame becomes small.
- frame that movement is slight, that part optimize.
- many frames and slight move, compressibility rises.
- little frames and greatly move, compressibility deteriorates.
- even if different total frame, uploaded data is most same size.

4, first(mean Frame-2) and end frame not optimized. loop is possible.
loop from middle frame is not done, because original frame is lost.
6, if there are many frames, exact movement is shaky.

optimization processing is bad. hand and foot position is joint rotation to connect with it. this is important and lost in optimization. synchronization is lost so that there are many frames.

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